Principles of Electronics by Colin D. Simpson

Principles of Electronics

Book Title: Principles of Electronics

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 0130344060

Author: Colin D. Simpson

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Colin D. Simpson with Principles of Electronics

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One of the most comprehensive, clearly written books on electronic technology, Simpon's invaluable guide offers a concise and practical overview of the basic principles, theorems, circuit behavior and problem-solving procedures of this intriguing and fast-paced science. Examines a broad spectrum of topics, such as atomic structure, Kirchhoff's laws, energy, power, introductory circuit analysis techniques, Thevenin's theorem, the maximum power transfer theorem, electric circuit analysis, magnetism, resonance semiconductor diodes, electron current flow, and much more. Smoothly integrates the flow of material in a nonmathematical format without sacrificing depth of coverage or accuracy to help readers grasp more complex concepts and gain a more thorough understanding of the principles of electronics. Includes many practical applications, problems and examples emphasizing troubleshooting, design, and safety to provide a solid foundation in the field of electronics. An ideal reference source for electronic engineering technicians and those involved in the electronic technology field.